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How to Apply for a Green Card

There are many legal ways to apply for a green card, through family relatives, spouse, job, business, investment, green card lottery, and other ways to apply to become a legal permanent resident in the United States. Immigration forms and many resources are free of charge. You can apply by yourself, or you can use the guidance and services of an expert immigration lawyer.

Visa Application Forms are free of charge, some forms need to be completed online and some forms can be printed.

Visa Forms are free to access. You can access and fill most visa forms online, you submit online without needing to print.

Most Business Visitor Forms are the same used for tourist visa application. Depending on your visa type there can be supplemental visa forms required. Some forms come in PDF format and you can either complete online and then print or in some cases, you can fill the form online and then print.

You can access Visa Forms online, there are several forms and also forms instructions available to help you complete your student visa application.

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The USCIS and the US Department of State offer several resources, information, and access online to immigration forms. Immigration application can be complex and it is recommended the use of a US Immigration Attorney.

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We provide free access to download forms or to links to complete forms online directly on the official websites from the US Government, free of charge. The US Government provide forms free of charge, however the applicant must pay an application fee for most forms directly to the USCIS or the Department of State.

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