You can track the status of your immigration application, petition or request using USCIS Case Status by Phone.

• Check USCIS Case Status by Phone:

Call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) 1 (800) 375 5283.

The USCIS offers live and automated Case Status information via telephone. When calling have your receipt number ready and follow the automated instructions. This service is available in English and Spanish. 

There is also a TTY number available: 1 (800) 767 1833.

USCIS Military Help Phone Line:
USCIS has established a military help line over the phone:

1-877-CIS-4MIL / 1-877-247-4645
This number is exclusively for members of the military and their families.

Calling from Abroad:

You can call (785) 330 1048 to check the status of your case if you are outside of the United States. This number provides automated information only. There is no live assistance available at this number.

This form can help you to apply for:

Immigration Case Status
Instructions to Check Pending Immigration Case Status
U.S. Citizenship Application
Citizenship Through Marriage
Citizenship by Birth in the US or Birth Abroad
Green Card Application
Green Card through Marriage

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